Women Stand

My very talented and intelligent step-sister, Denise Lacy, wrote this…

Women stand

What is the measure of a woman?
Her beauty? Her body? Her sex?

What is the measure of a woman?
Her obedience? The number of children she births?

Do you measure her by what she gives?
Do you measure her by who she loves?

Do you measure a woman by the way she looks?
The smoothness of her skin? The tone of her complexion? The curve of her body?
Or the determination in her eye? The resolve in her demeanor? The openness of her heart – willing to take on pain for those that are hers.

Measure the woman by when she stands.
When systems threaten continued and enhanced oppression. When there is a tightening grip of injustice.

If she stands for justice

Measure a woman by why she stands:
For her mother, her daughter, herself. For the dignity of women.
And what about men?
Her brother. Lover. Father. Her sons.
She stands up for them.

She stands up to them.

You measure the woman by how she stands.